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Become a Certified Coach in Self Esteem Elevation

My friend Dr. Joe Rubino’s vision is to impact the self esteem of at least 20 million people within the next 10 years…and he needs YOUR help! Imagine what the world would be like if at least 20 million people operated from love instead of hate, joy instead of sadness, abundance instead of scarcity, contribution instead of selfishness, and mutuality (win-win) instead of ego (win-lose)!

Joe knows full well that he can not achieve this dream on his own. In fact, he has asked me for my help in spreading the word and I believe in the work he does so strongly that I am happy to support him in his vision by strongly encouraging you to check out this life-altering Certified Coaching program!

One of the ways that he will manifest his vision is by training, coaching, and mentoring 100 people to become Certified Coaches in Self Esteem Elevation. Each of these coaches can in turn impact the lives of thousands of others!

Just imagine what YOUR life would be like as a life-changing coach impacting the self esteem of others daily!

Dr. Joe is looking for a few motivated people who want to learn the life-changing principles he teaches in The Self Esteem System. If you want to impact the lives of others by coaching them and teaching them the exact process he has used with thousands to elevate their self esteem and live their best lives… and are willing to be coached for one year with the intention of learning the foundational principles that will allow The Center for Personal Reinvention to certify YOU as a competent, life-impacting, in-demand success and personal development coach, this program might be for you.

I invite you to learn more about the C3 Certified Coach in Self Esteem Elevation Program by visiting:

Dr. Joe looks forward to answering your questions and hopes to work with you to join the ranks of Certified Coaches of The Center for Personal Reinvention as he champions people to elevate their self esteem all around the world.

To Your Success,

Jacqueline Schmieding

PS: Participation in this program is extremely limited due to the personalized attention each Coach in Training will receive, so if you want to be mentored by Dr. Joe personally, now is the time to commit to taking that first step toward your bright and lucrative future as a life-changing self-esteem coach!

I strongly encourage you to check out this great program now:


About youcanbebetter

I am a single mother of an 8 year old girl that I adopted from China 7 years ago. My passion is personal development!
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